Citizenship and open source art practices in public realm

Parramon, Ramon. Prácticas artísticas, zonas intermedias y utilidad social. Published at Parramon, Ramon (Dir.). “ENTRE GRIETAS. Ciudadanías y prácticas artísticas en código abierto”. Vic: ACVIC – Eumogràfic, 2011

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Cracking the System. Citizenship and open source art practices arise from the crossing point between two perspectives which are not always connected: artistic practices and social-cultural practices.


The artistic practicesthat indicatesomepossible wayspropositional,viewsituationsfromlatenttoprovide solutions,promotestrategiesapplicable guidelinesthat cantake shapeinthecultural or social policies.Thecultural practices aretoencourageimaginative situationsto increaseintercultural relationsandcommunication betweendifferent forms of citizenshipfound inpublic spaces.

Index of the publication

Introduction – page 5
Artistic practices, intermediate zone and social utility / Ramon Parramon – page 6
Publics and post-publics: the production of the social / Simon Sheikh – page 12
Attempting horizontality / Rachel Anderson – page 18
Josep-Maria Martín. Made in Chile / Miquel Bardagil – page 26
Balls, fences, locals & visitors / Laia Solé – page 30
If I could speak again: re-imagining my presentation at QUAM / Nicolás Dumit Estévez – page 34
Community and diversity / Fadhila Mammar – page 40
Alternative mobility: caravans and three-wheeler / Pilar Bonet – page 44
The mediabiography as transformation of everyday narrative / Virginia Villaplana – page 50
Homeland / Torolab – Raúl Cárdenas – page 54
Communities in conflict / Democracia – page 60
Open source architectures / David Juárez Latimer-Knowless Straddle3 – page 64

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